Critical Issues in Policing Series

Rethinking the Police Response to Mental Health-Related Calls: Promising Models (2023)

Responding to the Staffing Crisis: Innovations in Recruitment and Retention (2023)

Podcast: Building Public Trust (2023)

Women in Police Leadership: 10 Action Items for Advancing Women and Strengthening Policing (2023)

Transforming Police Recruit Training: 40 Guiding Principles (2022)

Police Chiefs Compensation and Career Pathways: PERF’s 2021 Survey (2022)

Rethinking the Police Response to Mass Demonstrations: 9 Recommendations (2022) / Accompanying video

Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic: What Police Learned from One of the Most Challenging Periods of Our Lives (2021)

Municipal and Campus Police: Strategies for Working Together During Turbulent Times (2021)

Responding to the COVID-19 Coronavirus (2020)

How Local Police Can Combat the Global Problem of Human Trafficking: Collaboration, Training, Support for Victims, and Technology Are Keys to Success (2020)

An Occupational Risk: What Every Police Agency Should Do To Prevent Suicide Among Its Officers (2019)

Chapter 2: How Police Chiefs and Sheriffs Are Finding Meaning and Purpose In the Next Stage of Their Careers (2019)

Reducing Gun Violence: What Works, and What Can Be Done Now (2019)

Promoting Excellence in First-Line Supervision: New Approaches to Selection, Training, and Leadership Development (2018)

The Police Response to Homelessness (2018)

The Changing Nature of Crime and Criminal Investigations (2018)

The Revolution in Emergency Communications (2017)

ICAT: Integrating Communications, Assessment, and Tactics (2016)

Guiding Principles on Use of Force (2016)

Advice from Police Chiefs and Community Leaders on Building Trust (2016)

Re-Engineering Training on Police Use of Force (2015)

Defining Moments for Police Chiefs (2015)

New Challenges for Police: A Heroin Epidemic and Changing Attitudes Toward Marijuana (2014)

The Role of Local Law Enforcement Agencies in Preventing and Investigating Cybercrime (2014)

The Police Response to Active Shooter Incidents (2014)

Civil Rights Investigations of Local Police: Lessons Learned (2013)

Policing and the Economic Downturn: Striving for Efficiency Is the New Normal (2013)

An Integrated Approach to De-Escalation and Minimizing Use of Force (2012)

Improving the Police Response to Sexual Assault (2012)

"How Are Innovations in Technology Transforming Policing?" (2012)

Labor-Management Relations in Policing: Looking to the Future and Finding Common Ground (2011)

Managing Major Events: Best Practices from the Field (2011)

Is the Economic Downturn Fundamentally Changing How We Police? (2010)

Guns & Crime: Breaking New Ground By Focusing on the Local Impact (2010)

Gang Violence: The Police Role in Developing Community-Wide Solutions (2010)

Violent Crime and the Economic Crisis: Police Chiefs Face a New Challenge, Part I (2009)

Violent Crime and the Economic Crisis: Police Chiefs Face a New Challenge, Part II (2009)

Police Chiefs and Sheriffs Speak Out On Local Immigration Enforcement (2008)

Violent Crime in America: What We Know About Hot Spots Enforcement (2008)

Violent Crime in America II: 24 Months of Alarming Trends (2007)

Violent Crime in America III: “A Tale of Two Cities” (2007)

Patrol-Level Response to a Suicide Bomb Threat: Guidelines for Consideration (2007)

Strategies for Resolving Conflict and Minimizing Use of Force (2007)

Police Planning for an Influenza Pandemic: Case Studies and Recommendations From the Field (2007)

Chief Concerns: Police Management of Mass Demonstrations: Identifying Issues and Successful Approach (2006)

Chief Concerns: A Gathering Storm—Violent Crime in America I (2006)

Chief Concerns: Exploring the Challenges of Police Use of Force (2005)

Challenge to Change: The 21st Century Policing Project (1998)


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