Research Advisory Board


PERF's Research Advisory Board is a group of academics, researchers, and practitioners who advise PERF's efforts to advance policing research. The Board assists PERF's staff in identifying potential research topics; coordinating research efforts with other organizations; assisting with human subjects review; and disseminating findings to the academic and policing professions. 

The Research Advisory Board consists of the following members: 

Dr. Edward Maguire, Arizona State UniversityChair

Dr. Geoffrey Alpert, University of South Carolina

Chief Pam Davis, Punta Gorda (FL) Police Department

Retired Chief Tim Dolan, Minneapolis Police Department

Dr. Lorie Fridell, University of South Florida

Retired Deputy Commissioner Nola Joyce, Philadelphia Police Department

Chief Chris Magnus, Tucson Police Department

Dr. Lorraine Mazerolle, University of Queensland

Dr. Jack McDevitt, Northeastern University

Dr. Rebecca Neusteter, University of Chicago Health Lab

Dr. James O'Keefe, St. John's University

Dr. Greg Ridgeway, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Dennis Rosenbaum, University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. Kevin Strom, RTI International

Dr. Charles Wellford, University of Maryland