Terry Chowanec

Terry Chowanec has returned to PERF as a consultant after serving several years as Vice President of Corporate Security with one of Canada’s largest commercial real estate companies. In his corporate leadership role, Terry had direct responsibility for the company’s occupational health and safety programs, he led the governance and compliance practice on cyber-security programs, and developed and executed on compliance, audit, policies, and standards for the company’s various physical and electronic security platforms.  

While at PERF in the years 2000 to 2006, Terry worked throughout the U.S. and internationally on executive search and police management reform projects. Executive search projects included police chief and senior leadership recruitments for communities such as Memphis, Nashville, Oakland, Los Angeles, Wilmington NC, and Springfield MA, at the state level with the New Jersey State Police, federally for the US Capitol Police, and for colleges such as Boston University. Terry’s efforts in these projects centered on finding, attracting, and interviewing the best candidates through front-end comprehensive engagements with community and city officials, departmental outreach, and developing community profiles and job descriptions. Community outreach was also a hallmark in his management reform projects, some of which led to follow-up leadership development and chief recruitment projects.  

He is a former member of the Calgary Police Service in Canada, having served in several capacities, including in patrol, as an undercover operator, investigating organized crime groups while in the Criminal Intelligence Section, in administrative roles in the Office of the Chief, and finally in charge of Internal Affairs.

Terry holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Relations from the University of Manitoba.