Chief of Police 

Location: San Bernardino, CA
Salary: Up to $279,120 Annually 

The Ideal Candidate 

The ideal candidate will be a collaborative leader who views the department as part of the City’s team, will be responsive and sensitive to the community, transparent, and is media-savvy following modern policing and technology trends. An effective and diverse staff supports this position; the successful candidate will continue to encourage development within the team and embrace diversity within the department and community. The ideal candidate will have a management background in a large law enforcement agency, with experience in establishing and maintaining a fluctuating budget as grant approvals increase. 

Key Attributes and Characteristics 

Excellent leadership skills with an even-keeled demeanor and the ability to establish rapport within the department.

A leader who can continue a community-focused environment while ensuring the inclusiveness of a diverse population within the department and community.

Detail-oriented and accurate with the ability to articulate concepts and ideas clearly and directly.

Politically astute and understands political implications while remaining apolitical.

The ability to collaborate and build consensus with a wide variety of cultures, and mutual aid agencies, along with the department’s union.

Excellent communication skills; humble, professional, honest, and possessed high integrity. 

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Contact: Frank Rojas, [email protected]