We have joined together in the Police Executive Research Forum to share the challenges of leadership and to continue the professionalization of policing at all levels. The principles that guide PERF are that:

1. Research, experimentation, and exchange of ideas through public discussion and debate are paths for development of a professional body of knowledge about policing;

2. Substantial and purposeful academic study is a prerequisite for acquiring, understanding and adding to the body of knowledge of professional police management;

3. Maintenance of the highest standards of ethics and integrity is imperative to the improvement of policing;

4. The police must, within the limits of the law, be responsible and accountable to citizens as the ultimate source of police authority; and

5. The principles embodied in the Constitution are the foundation of policing.

I subscribe to the above principles set forth in the Police Executive Research Forum Articles of Incorporation. I understand that the basic responsibilities of membership include contributing to PERF activities when possible, by attending meetings, assisting in data collection by participating in surveys, participating in research projects, and otherwise helping to advance the PERF principles, as established by the Board of Directors and the General Members.