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Command Performance: Career Guide for Police Executives (Second Edition, 2015)

Cost: $30
ISBN: 978-1-934485-29-3
Pages: 227

Command Performance:  A Career Guide for Police Executives is PERF’s best-selling book.  The second edition was written by Charlotte Lansinger, PERF’s Executive Search consultant.  Ms. Lansinger has 28 years of experience helping local governments to conduct national searches for police chief candidates.  At the same time, Ms. Lansinger helps police executives to plan their careers and apply for positions as police chiefs.  Chapter titles include:  Becoming a Chief in a Competitive Market; Planning Your Career; Political Influences; Managing the Process; The Resume, Cover Letter, and References; The Interview Process; Projecting the Proper Image; The Follow-Up Interview and Effective Negotiations; Elements of Compensation; Employment Agreements and Contracts; and Advice from the Pros.  Command Performance also includes sample resumes and employment contracts. 


Click here to order a physical copy of Command Performance. 


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