Title: Deputy Commissioner of Public Integrity

Classification Title & Code: Deputy Commissioner (88P)

Division/Unit: Public Integrity Bureau (Internal Affairs Functions)

Authorized Salary Range: $175,000 – $205,000

Revised Date: 5/7/2019

I. Summary of Position

The Deputy Commissioner of Public Integrity is responsible for oversight and management of all internal affairs
functions throughout the department. The Public Integrity Bureau promotes the credibility of, and public confidence
in, Baltimore police officers. It adopts preventive and proactive measures to enforce the highest standards of
professional police performance and conducts, as well as directing investigations into citizen and BPD-initiated
allegations of police misconduct. The Deputy Commissioner of Public Integrity is responsible for developing,
implementing and revising administrative policies and procedures to achieve the Police Commissioner’s goals for
the Department. The Deputy Commissioner is responsible for ensuring that all investigations of complaints against
BPD personnel are investigated fully, fairly, expeditiously and in compliance with the Law Enforcement Officers Bill
of Rights (LEOBoR) and the City’s agreements with collective bargaining units. The Deputy Commissioner is also
responsible ensuring that reforms required by federal consent decree are implemented throughout all internal
affairs functions in the Department. In addition, the Deputy Commissioner represents the Department and/or the
Police Commissioner in many capacities, including presentations to and meeting with local, state, & federal officials
and policymakers as well as to community organizations throughout Baltimore.

II. Organizational Relationships

Supervised by: Police Commissioner

Interacts with:

  • Mayor’s Office, City Council, Federal and State law enforcement agencies
  • National policing organizations such as IACP, MCCA, and PERF
  • Community groups, Non-governmental stakeholders and advocates
  • Consent Decree Monitoring Team
  • City Department heads

Individuals supervised: Directly supervises Command Staff personnel (Majors, Captains). Oversees total
workforce 50+ commissioned and/or civilian employees and internal affairs case files generated for a department
of 2,800+ sworn members.

III. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provides executive management and leadership for day-to-day operations of the Public Integrity Bureau,
  • which includes direct supervision of the activities of the Commander of the Public Integrity Division and the
  • Captain of the Special Investigation Response Team and managing bureau employee performance,
  • workload/case management.
  • Ensures that all complaints are completely, appropriately and timely investigated and supervises BPD
  • initiated investigations.
  • Develops and implements administrative reform plans to improve bureau functions and achieve compliance
  • with Consent Decree reforms related internal affairs and integrity functions.
  • Participates in local, state, and federal policy making forums, including representing Department in
  • committees and working groups.
  • Coordinates with external stakeholders, including community groups, federal and state partners, consent
  • decree monitors, advocates and other organizations.
  • Independently plans, develops, initiates, and manages budgetary initiatives and personnel expenditures for
  • the Public Integrity Bureau.
  • Manages personnel performance for the Public Integrity Bureau, including making hiring decisions for
  • civilian staff and recommending commissioned personnel for transfer into and out of the Bureau.
  • Serves as a member of the Department’s promotional committee for the selection of new supervisors,
  • managers, and Command Staff as required by the Police Commissioner.
  • Implements key initiatives as assigned by the Police Commissioner including identifying process and policy
  • reforms needed to enhance effectiveness or efficiency.
  • Coordinates with other Deputy Commissioners to ensure that the goals set forth in the Police
  • Commissioner’s strategic vision for the Department are being implemented.
  • Serves as a senior advisor to the Police Commissioner on all Departmental matters.

IV. Qualifications and Skills

If not a commissioned law enforcement officer:

  • Juris Doctorate degree.
  • At least ten (10) years of experience working in one or more of the following: police litigation, civil rights
  • litigation, representation of law enforcement agencies, representation of the Department of Justice (federal
  • or state), local, state or federal criminal prosecution.
  • At least four (4) years of service as an executive manager in a professional setting.
  • Distinguished service record, including excellent performance ratings.
  • Demonstrated excellence as a leader and manager, with superior oral and written communication skills.
  • Experience working with investigative personnel and/or law enforcement preferred.


If commissioned law enforcement officer:

  • Master’s degree in a field related to the specific position.
  • At least fifteen (15) years of experience as a commissioned law enforcement officer serving in a police
  • department with at least 1,000+ sworn officers or a police jurisdiction serving 250,000+ residents
  • At least four (4) years of service as a member of Command Staff with direct responsibility for management
  • of at least 30+ sworn members that fall under his/her command, in a police jurisdiction serving 250,000+
  • residents, with specific experience managing internal affairs functions
  • Distinguished service record, including excellent performance ratings.
  • Demonstrated excellence as a leader and manager, with superior oral and written communication skills.
  • Completion of national policing leadership development courses such as FBI National Academy, Senior
  • Management Institute for Police (SMIP), and/or School of Police Staff and Command (SPSC), etc.

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to Eric Melancon, Chief of Staff to the Police Commissioner at [email protected].