Andrea Morrozoff


Andrea “Drea” Morrozoff, PERF’s Chief Strategy Officer, prioritizes the identification of strategic development opportunities and innovative programs for PERF, and serves as a liaison with federal agencies, city and state clients, private funders, national and international partners, and consultants.

As a senior executive at PERF, Morrozoff also manages a diverse portfolio of research, technical assistance, and demonstration project initiatives. She is currently the Project Director for a national initiative funded by the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) to provide technical assistance (TA) to law enforcement agencies and their partner advocacy organizations to implement the Department of Justice’s Guidance on Identifying Preventing Gender Bias in Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. She recently completed work on similar national TA initiative for OVW, resulting in the publication, Executive Guidebook: Practical Approaches for Strengthening Law Enforcement’s Response to Sexual Assault, which educates law enforcement officials on trauma-related issues, including vicarious trauma.

She also manages PERF’s technical assistance programs related to critical issues in the field. These programs provide immediate assistance to law enforcement agencies on a variety of internal and external issues. Through these programs and other efforts, Morrozoff has conducted reviews of law enforcement policies and procedures, provided strategic planning guidance, and crafted recommendations for improving policies, partnerships, and practices.

Morrozoff has assisted with unit and program assessments, as well as comprehensive organizational assessments for police departments. She also has conducted best practices research on crime and violence reduction strategies. Agencies that she has worked with include: Chicago (IL) Police Department, Dearborn (MI) Police Department, Denver (CO) Police Department, Fairfax County (VA) Police Department, North Charleston (SC) Police Department, Richmond (VA) Police Department, Scottsdale (AZ), San Francisco (CA) Police Department, San Diego (CA) Police Department, St. Louis (MO) Metropolitan Police Department, Minneapolis (MN) Police Department, Pasco (WA) Police Department, and others.

For more than a decade, Morrozoff also led PERF’s Critical Issues in Policing Series, overseeing more than 25 projects which included research, publications and executive sessions addressing the most pressing issues in policing. These projects resulted in publications such as, Chief Concerns: Exploring the Challenges of Police Use of Force (2005);Strategies for Resolving Conflict and Minimizing Use of Force (2007); Police Planning for an Influenza Pandemic: Case Studies and Recommendations from the Field (2007); An Integrated Approach to De-Escalation and Minimizing Use of Force (2012); Improving the Police Response to Sexual Assault (2012); How are Innovations in Technology Transforming Policing (2012); The Police Response to Active Shooter Incidents (2014); Defining Moments for Police Chiefs (2015); and Guiding Principles on Use of Force (2016), to name a few.

Other publications that she has contributed to include: Increasing Community-Police Partnerships to Fight Crime: A Case Study of USAID’s Grants Pen Anti-Crime Initiative in Jamaica (2005); A Guide to Occupational Health and Safety for Law Enforcement Executives (2009); Police Accountability – Findings and National Implications of an Assessment of the San Diego Police Department (2015); Implementing a Comprehensive Performance Management Approach in Community Policing Organizations: An Executive Guidebook (2015); The "Crime Gun Intelligence Center" Model: Case Studies of the Denver, Milwaukee, and Chicago Approaches to Investigating Gun Crime (2017); Handling Large, Preplanned Events: Recommendations from Preparations for the 2016 National Political Conventions (2018); and Operational Strategies to Build Police-Community Trust and Reduce Crime in Minority Communities: The Minneapolis Cedar-Riverside Exploratory Policing Study (2018).

Since joining PERF in October 1999, Morrozoff has held various positions at the organization, including Grants Administrator, Senior Research Associate, and more than a decade as PERF’s Chief of Staff. As Chief of Staff, Morrozoff assisted in oversight of all PERF’s projects, reports and administration, in addition to project work. In 2017, she transitioned from Chief of Staff to Chief Strategy Officer to focus on organizational strategy and program development, in addition to her ongoing projects. As CSO, Morrozoff has assisted in expanding PERF’s training capabilities, identifying top priority issues, and developing a strategic plan for organizational development.

Prior to joining PERF, Morrozoff worked in several criminal justice-related research and program administration positions. She directed the grants and planning section at the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, which was responsible for the enforcement of alcoholic beverage control laws across the state. She served as the Texas state coordinator for the Office for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws Block Grant Program and was charged with developing funding guidelines and evaluation mechanisms for local grantees. She was also responsible for writing agency policies and procedures to support the administration of federal pass-through grants.

Morrozoff has a master’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Memphis, with extensive coursework in victim and offender counseling, and bachelor’s degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, with minors in psychology, sociology, and human resources.